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New products, such as industrial, automotive, and electrical are manifactured day by day.
To examine those products' accuracy and strength, testing machines from YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD. are frequently used.
Try our variety of material testing machines exploited with great of skill and experience.

Put your trust in our material testing machines, and YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO LTD. We are here to serve your needs.
For 50 years YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD. has been manifacturing material testing machines for industrial products. Now YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD. is known to all over the world because our products examine all kinds of material from plastic to rubber, leather and fabric whatever thier use may be.
We aim to make our products more flexible and more sophisticated with our high tecnical skills and effort.
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