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Products manufactured today have various characteristics and are made suitable for certain purposes.
Therefore, it is important to choose the testing machines and test these products by material.

  • Plastic


    Plastic is often a preferred material over metal because it is durable and easy to work with. These plastic products need to be examined in their strength for impact, abrasion, heat-resistance and so on.

  • Rubber


    Because of its elasticity and flexibility, rubber, including car parts such as tires, tubes, and brake parts are used in all type of industries.

  • Electrical Wires

    Electrical Wires

    It is extremely important to examine the safety of either electrical wires or enamel cords which carry electricity. There are various testing machines for electrical wire examining the stability, transformation occurred by heat and the flexibility.

  • Leather/Hide


    Flexibility and everlastingness are required on all kinds of leather products. Our testing machines inspect properties of leather and can prove if it is useful to be processed as a product.

  • Paper/Pulp


    Paper and pulp are versatile and essential materials in our life as they have various peculiarities. Our testing machines examine all their signature properties, such as absorbance, bend-resistance, and strength to compression.

  • Fabric/Dyeing


    Fabric is a material, which directly touches people’s skin and consequently needs to be tested while considering safety issues and durability. We have various excellent testing machines for fabric and dyeing that apparel industries and fabric manufacturers adopt.

  • Paint/Pigment/Ink


    Paint, pigment, and ink applied to decorating products and used in making durable products, need to be examined for their requirements. Our testing machine investigates the paint’s thickness, slackness, and durability according to any situations.

  • Custom-made/Other Material

    Custom-made/Other Material

    We believe that as many products exist, there needs to be many testing equipment that suits all kinds of particular material. At YASUDA SEIKI we can produce and provide custom-made testing machine according to your needs.

Search by Use

Search testing machines by use such as, stretching, impact, stress, stiffness, and tearing

    • Stretching/Compression/Bending

      There are several ways to examine properties, such as stretching, compressing, and bending, when materials are transformed into products. Please try all kinds of testing equipment assorted at YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD.

    • Impact/Burst

      There are various ways to examine the strength to impact caused by either pendulum or fall, depending on material or the use of products. We have functional testing machines dealing with any issues and any type of industry.

    • Abrasion/Friction

      Abrasion or friction testing is extremely important for rubber or plastic products, which are painted or plated. Try our testing machine to examine the longevity and the durability of your product under severe situations.

    • Distortion/Pressure/Creep

      Testing machine is produced in consideration of the products manufactured for consumers. Measuring the strength and durability under bending, wear, or transformation by pressure (creep), especially is necessary with the knowledge of products' properties. We develop perfect testing equipment to examine all properties that products need.

    • Hardness/Adhesion/Strength

      Strength is the element that whatever material, such as steel, plastic, and leather, needs when it turns into a product. There are various strength tests, which examine the strength to pressure, durability to scratch, and so on. Please try our testing machine developed to evaluate your products' strength and toughness.

    • Stiffness/Tear

      Steel or plastic are not the products, which need to be tested for constant hardness, soft materials, such as paper, clothe, and leather also need to be tested. Our testing machines examine the resistance to bending, resistance to scratching, and more to prove your products' quality.

    • Thermal Property

      There are the products changing their properties and shape by heating. Our testing machines examine the heat-resistance of any material and evaluate their properties such as expansion, soften temperature, and resistance to burn.

    • Material Processing

      There is testing machine, which examines the properties of unfinished products. Evaluating the property of plastic which is on formation process or observing mixed different materials having different character is important. Finished products depend on processing property. Try our processing property examiner for your products.

    • Breakdown Voltage/
      Voltage Durability

      Safeness is the most significant element for manufacturing electric products. Both our breakdown voltage tester and voltage durability tester are perfect for examining the safeness of your products.

    • Environment

      Products change their conditions with age and environment, such as corrosion by air or deterioration by light. We developed the testing machines, which are suitable for evaluating light-resistance and color stability by radiation and deterioration by ozone.

    • Chemical Property

      Chemical reaction test is different from physical test, such as rubbing objects or loading weight. Our testing machines add heat or water to material or dry material to evaluate the transformation.

    • Physical Property

      Physical property is opposite to chemical property, and is measured by a physical reaction such as bouncing, strain, and plasticity.

    • Thickness/Stickiness/Density

      Measuring product's character, such as thickness, stickiness, and density is essential. The consequence of these characters is hard to tell before the finished product, but the properties are very important for products' quality, functions, and accuracy. Try our measuring machines for developing functional products.

    • Sample Making/Regulation

      There are a number of tests which require the test samples meet specific conditions in diameters. We also provide sample makers and sample adjusters for sample preparation required these tests. Like our testers, our lineup ranges from plastic to paint. If it is required, we provide it; If it cannot be found in our lineup, please feel free to contact us via Inquiry Forum.

    • Others (Pulp/Fabric/Fiber)

      We develop the testing machine for pulp and fabric products. It tests the threads of fabric/ wool by abrasion, moistness of rugs, strength to dry clean, and so on. We also can provide you custom-made equipment according to your needs.

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Pick Up Item

We would like to introduce to you some of our automatic testing machines that help lessen any difficulties operating, and improving work performances.

Original Testing Machines

Original Testing Machines

We can make a testing machine that meets your demand.

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