The reason why YASUDA SEIKI has
been trusted from all over the world
for over 60 years

Because of the advancement of technology and the skill of production, many new products are developed everyday.
YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD. has been developing the right testing equipment for the past 60 years to keep up with the industry’s continual advancement in technology and product quality.
Testing machines are indispensable when it comes to manufacturing.

YASUDA SEIKI has been producing testing machines that can test all kinds of industrial goods for more than 60 years. Today our company is known throughout Japan and worldwide.
Why do people choose YASUDA SEIKI? –Because we have been cultivating a high level technique and developmental skill since its inauguration and still advancing with a creative mind.

Working More Than Sixty Years as a Testing Machine Manufacturer

We are able to provide our customer with the testing machine that meets their demands because we have been producing just this for over 60 years.
Based on our past achievements, we will keep striving each day, diligently, as a manufacturer of general testing equipment.

Good Quality Depends on Consistent Production System

We have a perfect environment ready for designing, processing, assembling, wiring, testing, inspecting and shipping. We believe that having a consistent production system is key to making testing machines with a quality that our customers can trust.
As of now, we are developing machines following the standards of ISO9001*, an international quality standard, with the spirit to improve the quality of our goods more than ever.

Understanding Customers’ Needs and Promptly Responding

We make testing machines that can support all kinds of industries and materials from plastic to textile and also paint. Our testing machines are designed based on Industry Standards—JIS, ASTM, ISO, and more.
If you are looking for a testing machine for testing your new product, our ears are open for your requests. This is only one of our special features.

Developing Skills and Person with Results

As society progresses, manufacturing technology and developing skills also advance; new products are being created just as testing machines are being manufactured. We are able to make patented machines, and some even fully automatic.
We take care of our employees so we can nurture the necessary skills and technology.

Safe and Reliable Supporting System

We have established a solid service and support system for your satisfaction. Our mission is to not only sell testing machines, but to listen to our customer’s feedback. Your voices are greatly cherished for the improvement of our technical skills.



International Organization for Standardization is an international Standard used for quality control and assurance.
We are committed to provide our customers with safe and reliable products made by a QC management system that is in accordance with our corporate philosophy.

Among Our Strong Points are a Consistent Production System with High Skills

Many products are being produced everyday from various industries with the advancement of technology.
We make testing machines to check the quality of the materials that compose your product.
From designing the blueprints to delivering the tester to our customers, we have a consistent production system which covers all necessary checkpoints.

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Producing Testing Machines with Good Quality For Expanding Boarders

  • Plants and Equipment


    We have policy of using high-maintenance tools for manufacturing our testing machines.
    We are proud and willing to keep the doors open to our factory, the heart of our company.

  • Expanding Boarders


    At YASUDA SEIKI, we have strived to train our agents overseas to make sure our customers can operate our machines without any problems.
    Training our local agents help enables us to support each customer, even after delivery.
    If you need a testing machine but have little access, worry no more.

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